About the company

Influencers Travel is a product of two business partners and family friends, one with a background in the corporate travel industry, and the other with a background in television production, coming together with the idea to create what is essentially an exclusive travel club, offering a fully managed travel experience to those people who are living their best lives, influencing and inspiring others to live their best lives and be the best they can possibly be. We are a small team, but small doesn’t necessarily mean limited. Our expertise and connections with some of the biggest players in the travel industry, mean that we can offer our clients a level of choice, service and value for money that is unsurpassed. You’d be hard pressed to find another agency who will look after your needs as much as we’re able to

Ours is an exclusive club and to ensure that we do not spread ourselves too thin, we aim to work with a limited number of Social Media influencers, on an invite only basis. Our “Jerry Maguire” approach means that we can offer that attention to detail that larger agencies simply cannot offer. Our way of working is one-on-one, with individuals rather than organisations, offering a fully tailor-made, concierge style service to private clients, whether that be for leisure or business purposes. You will know us by our first names, and you will find no call centre culture here! We are not just limited to working with Social Media Influencers, but welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who has influence and inspiration over others

Despite being a small and tight-knit organisation, our connections with some of the biggest hitters in the travel industry, mean that we can offer the perfect combination of unsurpassed levels of choice, service and value for money, along with the personal touch, and more personal attention. Our association with the Tzell Travel Group and the Global Travel Collection, means that we can offer you the leverage and accessibility of approximately US$22bn of air and hotel buying power. For you this means that probably for the first time, you can have the best of everything, with money to spare! We aim to be one of the first names on your speed dial. An integral part of your day to day lives.  For us, small is very much unlimited!

Club Benefits


Our business model is working with a limited number of clients, on an invite only basis, and offer them the very best in service, choice and value for money


Because we are a small, tight knit team, we will be here for you whenever you need us, giving you the benefit of our knowledge and expertise


Through our sister companies Studio Vega Myst Agency and Studio Vega Myst Productions, we can also assist you in your content creation, production and distribution


Air Travel

Regardless of the class of travel, from First Class, all the way to Economy Class, our association with the Tzell Travel Group and the Global Travel Collection means that we can offer some of the most competitively priced air fares on the market today, and when your circumstances calls for a private jet, then leave it to us to get that organised for you too


Our memberships of both the Virtuoso and Select Hotels Programmes delivers to you a consistent guarantee of some of the most competitive accommodation rates available today, from exclusive hotels to luxury apartments to secluded villas, with the added bonus of additional perks not available elsewhere

On the Ground

From Car Hire, to International Rail tickets. From Guided Tour groups to fully private, tailormade tours. If there’s something you need whilst on the ground, we’ve got the contacts and connections to make it happen, even if it’s exclusive use of a yacht, whether it be luxury or more classical, if it’s something that can be booked, then consider it booked!

passport influtrav
Passport & Visa

When you need assistance and guidance with the very documents that make or break your travel plans, our connections with the best in the business, ensure that you are up, up and away with no hiccups

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Exclusive Event Tickets

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Wimbledon, F1 Grand Prix, Music Concerts & Festivals


To ensure that we are able to deliver the best possible service to our clients, with more personal attention to the details and nuances, our exclusive members only travel club is on an invitation only basis. Our aim is to work with a limited number of clients, and deliver industry leading levels of service, choice and value for money. Our members will also have the opportunity to earn additional rewards by recommending potential clients to us. In that regard we hope to establish a club where our members are rewarded for their loyalty towards us and for contributing to our success

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Do you feel ready to discuss the planning of unbelievable global trips and events, either for yourself or on behalf of those you represent? Do you feel like you may have stumbled upon the perfect travel agency to look after your needs. Connect with us, and we’ll be back in touch with you soon!

Affiliated with the Tzell Travel Group and the Global Travel Collection

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